Garbage Pickup


Garbage Information

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Recycling Information

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North End (North of Highway 99) Mondays

South End (South of Highway 99) Thursdays

  North of Highway 99: 2nd and 4th Monday
South of Highway 99: 2nd and 4th Thursday

Recycling must be on the curb by 8:00 A.M.



Each household is allowed to have two 32-gallon capacity garbage bags or garbage cans, weight limit 40 pounds. Barrels of any type will not be emptied.


Garbage cans larger than the 32-gallon limit will not be emptied.


Each extra garbage bag must have a $1.00 garbage tag placed on the bag. Garbage tags are available for purchase at City Hall during normal business hours.

     • Place garbage tag around the neck of the bag


• No Containers Provided
• Do not place recyclables in garbage bags or trashcans for curbside pickup.
• All paper and cardboard must be dry.
• Cans, plastic and glass must be in separate containers.

To Recycle in Wapello: Clean recyclables as noted below. Place on curbside on appropriate date in a container. Plastic or paper grocery bags may be used to keep items separate. A plastic tote with lid will protect recyclables from wind and rain. Any container that does not look like a garbage can or bag can be used.


Tag System
1 Tag Items

All newspapers and their glossy inserts can be recycled. Papers must be dry and without residues (paint, food, etc.)


They can be tied with string or put in paper or plastic bags.


DO NOT INCLUDE: Magazines, catalogs, phone books, junk mail, books, cereal boxes (may be recycled with other materials)

Car Seats
House Doors
Small TV
Bed Mattress
Storm Doors
Bed Springs
Small Desks

2 Tag Items

Both corugated and thin cardboard can be recycled.


Please flatten and stack before placing at the curb. No pieces over 3 feet square.

Console Stereo
Medium Table
Large Desks
Large TV (Console)
Music Center
With Cardboard
 Cannot be Recycled
Corrugated Cardboard
Wax-coated Cardboard

Boxes with staples
Feed/Seed sacks
3 Tags Items
Telephone Books
Anything with food residue
Brown paper sacks
Chip Board (Cereal, tissue boxes, etc.)
Large Table
Countertop Refridgerator

Clear Glass Bottles & Jars
  Food and beverage storage containers only. These bottles and jars must be rinsed and the lids removed. (Metal lids can go with the tin cans. Labels do not need to be removed. 
Water Heater
Not Recyclable:
All Air Conditioners
Colored  glass
Drinking glasses
Window glass
Light bulbs
Ceramic cups & Plates
Upright Vacuum Cleaner-two $1.00 garbage tags
Clay flower pots

Heat resistant baking glas

or Pyrex


    All glossy magazines and catalogs may be recycled. Tie with a string or place in grocery bags.
With Magazines
Do Not Include
TV Guide
National Geographic
Tabloids on newsprint
Slick catalogs, etc.
Reader's Digest, etc.
Plastic Bottles & Jugs
    Check the bottom of the containers for the recycling logo. Inside the logo is a number identifying the type of plastic. Plastics accepted for recycling are tpes 1 thru 7. Remove lids, rinse and crush containers.
With Plastics
Do Not Include
Food containers
Motor Oil containers
Detergent bottles
Shampoo bottles
Milk jugs
Butter containers
Bleach jugs
Juice jugs
PET containers
Yogurt containers

Please rinse and crush all containers.

Discard all caps and lids

Metal Cans
    All tins and aluminum cans are acceptable. Rinse and remove labels if possible. Crush the cans or stack smaller ones inside larger cans. Clean aluminum foil is acceptable.







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