Area Churches

Wapello United Methodist Church

319 North Main Street

(319) 523-6941


Rev. Pamela Kranzler



Worship: 10:30am

Sunday School: 9:15am

Rides Available by calling 523-6941

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Presbyterian Church

127 North Main Street

(319) 523-6991






Worship: 10:30am

Adult Sunday School: 9:30am

The Church of the Nazarene

838 Isett Avenue

(319) 523-2040


Rev. Claude Perhealth


Worship: 10:20am

Sunday School: 9:30am

Sunday Evening Service: 6:00pm

Wednesday Adult/Youth Services: 6:00pm


Wapello Congregation of Jehovah's Witness

437 S 7th Street

(319) 523-3900


Watchtower Study: 10:30am

Public Meeting: 9:30am

Tuesday Theocratic Ministry School: 7:30pm

Tuesday Service Meeting: 8:30pm
Thursday Congregation Book Study: 7:30pm

St. Paul Lutheran Church

226 Washington Street

(319) 523-6951


Rev. Dr. Chris N Hinkle


Worship: 10:00am

Sunday School: 9:00am
Summer Worship: 9:00am

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Solid Rock Baptist Church


14041 Locust Street   PO Box 204

(319) 523-5320


Pastor Dan Doolin


Worship: 10:30am

Sunday School/Bible Study: 9:15am

Sunday Prayer Group: 5:30pm

Sunday Evening Worship: 6:30pm

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Wapello, IA is a one of Iowa’s small treasures, a cozy community in Louisa County located among a vast array of natural resources. A small community of caring people all working together to make their town safe, beautiful and filled with great opportunity.