Welcome to Wapello – A great place to raise a family.

Wapello, IA is a one of Iowa’s small treasures, a cozy community in Louisa County located among a vast array of natural resources. A small community of caring people all working together to make their town safe, beautiful and filled with great opportunity.


The community was formed on the banks of the Iowa River in 1836 and was chartered as a City by the State legislature in 1856.


Wapello is the site of several manufacturing companies which offer employment, and is located in close driving distance from larger communities like Muscatine, Burlington, and Mt. Pleasant. Wapello has Interstate 80 and Hwy 218 within close driving distance. Wapello is transversed by Hwy 61 which is to become a 4 lane highway.


Wapello is a great place to raise children, where neighbors know neighbors, with pre-school, K-12 grade facilities, and a local library. There are two parks with play equipment, a walking trail, camping area, and picnic shelters, not to mention a swimming pool, tennis courts and a golf course a few miles south. Wapello is one of the listed points on a canoe trail down the Iowa River.


The Iowa River running next to Wapello is a great place to watch bald eagles, and a vast array of wildlife. Close proximity to one of the largest Indian Mounds in the state. Wapello is in close proximity to Lake Odessa, the Mississippi River, Mark Twain Refuge, and many acres of wetland area where our citizens enjoy boating, hunting, fishing and wild life watching.


With a 2000 census population of 2124, a few of the local services include a grocery store, gas stations with conveniences, floral shop, restaurants, medical clinic, dentist, local newspaper, churches, long-term care facility, ambulance service, and a local volunteer fire department.




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